Sonic Pi Coding Class – 002

My little boy, James, has been taking piano lessons for two terms now. Last week, his teacher asked him to do an assignment on a minuet.

James knows I’ve been running a coding group at school with Sonic Pi so he asked his teacher if he could write his minuet in Sonic Pi as part of his work.  It was his first coding in a non block type language like Scratch.  I think he did a super job!  James’ version is on his own web page, here.

I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to have a go too so that I could become more familiar with what I am talking to the children about in the class.  Here’s my version which includes the student and the teachers parts played as a duet.  It took me a couple of hours to figure it all out so it was a good challenge!

Press the play button, below, to see how it turned out.

Get Spell Checking Working in Libre Office on a Raspberry Pi

Spell checking never seems to work, by default, in Libre Office on a Raspberry Pi.

To get it working:


Mount a Network Drive on a Raspberry Pi

This has been tested on Jessie with the PIXEL Desktop. I haven’t tested it in previous versions.  Substitute the IP address in fstab and the share name, as appropriate!


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Please wait for API server to collect data from

AWS IAM policy for granting privileges to S3 bitbuckets for WordPress UpdraftPlus Backups

Replace ‘mybucket’ with the name of the bitbucket that you wish to grant privileges to.